• Base designed and constructed to support entire system without dependence on host vessel for structural strength and rigidity
  • Deck sized to accommodate UHD class ROVs and TMS
  • Safety grid walking platform
  • Integral lifting eyes with full penetration welds
  • Bolt on sacrificial plates for welding onto ship deck
  • Enclosed base for spill containment with removable drain plugs
  • All hydraulic lines protectively routed through base where possible
  • Positive mechanical stops in deployed and transport position
  • Yellow Fiberglass Gator Grating


  • Constructed of fabricated square tubing and plate steel
  • Equipped with extension boom to permit safe deployment distance from vessel
  • Telescopic boom fitted with Teflon wear pads for smooth extension and retraction
  • Telescopic section hydraulic hoses routed inside an energy chain for neatness and protection
  • Sized to provide a minimum of 1.5m of clearance between deck and frame of ROV in vertical position
  • Dual marine grade floodlights
  • All Hardware Teflon coated or Stainless Steel

LARS Swing Frame

  • Large Nylatron sheave machined for specified cable
  • Equipped with hydraulic cylinders providing powered vertical and swing dampening capabilities
  • Equipped with slewing gear and pinion providing 300°+ of rotation
  • Slewing motor equipped with automatic brake to prevent free rotation of docking head when joystick is released to neutral position
  • Removable guard provided to prevent cable from riding out of sheave

LARS Docking Head

  • Equipped with failsafe latching cylinders
  • Nylatron sheave designed to slide vertically in cheek plates. This permits removal of umbilical cable from docking mechanism without removing mushroom termination.
  • Latch Sensor System including proximity sensors for each latching finger and indicator lights on control panel.
  • Umbilical wash down point
  • All grade 8 bolts on docking head are xylene coated


  • DnV approved lifting slings
  • Remote operators station
  • Automatic self-greasing system
  • Stainless steel hydraulic fittings
  • Configurable sheave for a variety of cable sizes


  • Dimensions (Stored): 3,650 mm wide x 8,500 mm long x 3,200 high
  • Dimensions (Deployed): 3,650 mm wide x 11,965 mm long x 8,110 mm high
  • Dimension under docking head: 3,658 mm (deployed position)
  • Distance Between Arms: 2,755 mm
  • Overboard Lift: 20,000 kg SWL
  • Luffing Lift Capacity: 15,000 kg SWL
  • Weight: 27,700 kg
  • Design Temperature: -20° C to + 40°C