Lightest. Strongest. Smartest.

Hawboldt’s engineering philosophy for our product development and equipment offering is: LightestStrongest. Smartest.

Legacy equipment is often too heavy and too large; complicated to install, to use, and to maintain; and designed in a vacuum by someone who doesn’t understand the application.

We seek to provide equipment that is more flexible, enabling ship owners to do more with less, and that is designed with a holistic approach regarding the function of the whole vessel. We aim to minimize our equipment footprint: physical, mass, and power consumption.

When you work with Hawboldt engineering, you tap into the group expertise of a highly skilled professional team. Our staff includes professional engineers, junior engineers, designers, technologists and draftspersons. Our team is also backed by the engineering resources of the Timberland Group, providing a range of experience in lifting, pulling and line-handling applications unmatched anywhere in the world.

Our team has the depth and experience to undertake complete deck machinery solutions to fully equip vessels for ocean science, fishery and exploratory assignments.

Advanced engineering standards

Our engineers are equipped with the most current design and modeling technologies to facilitate rapid development and fluent exchange of work-in-progress drawings and specifications with our clients. Our standard software platforms include:

  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • MasterCAM

Hawboldt is experienced in meeting precise military and scientific specifications to ensure that our products satisfy all applicable standards for safety, reliability and accuracy.

We are also accustomed to designing in accordance with third-party classification societies such as ABS, Lloyds, DNV and BV, and we have received several “type approval certificates” for our designs.