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Hawboldt Cranes for Petroleum Hose Handling Applications


Hawboldt provided a large order of marine cranes complete with dual winches, wireless remote controls, and built in electric hydraulic power units.
The cranes and accessories were all certified for use in a hazardous zone environment, where petroleum vapors are present.
 These cranes are used for petroleum hose handling applications, offloading and loading both crude and refined product to barges and small tankers at one of the largest refineries in the United States.
Hawboldt was chosen because we had the expertise and understood their application, enabling us to produce a custom engineered crane that was cost effective and met all their requirements.

About Shell Deer Park
Just before the Great Depression, Shell became the first manufacturer to call Deer Park home in 1929. At that time, Deer Park had no other businesses or buildings in what is now a bustling community about 20 miles east of downtown Houston.

The original 800-acre site was carefully chosen for its location along the Houston Ship Channel. In the 1940s, Shell added a chemical plant that it continues to own and operate today.

The site operates 24 hours a day and is a unique combination of processing equipment, control rooms, storage tanks, environmental protection equipment, office buildings, shops and warehouses – all run by highly skilled, well-trained and experienced employees.