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15 mT traction winch, right-angle level-wind and storage drum system. Available in either electric or hydraulic drive to meet your requirements.

The TW 15-34 handles EOM cable, wire rope and synthetic rope. The cable capacity ranges from 8,000m to 13,000m, for cables from 14mm - 22mm diameter. Supplied with Local and Remote-control consoles featuring payout, line speed and tension display.

- Dual planetary drive gearboxes
- Spring applied, hydraulic or electric released failsafe multi-disc brake
- Canted (angled) bull wheels to allow correct cable transfer between grooves
- Continuous weld, steel construction
- Large diameter bull wheels for extended cable life
- Keeper rods to maintain cable in grooves
- Fully proportional variable speed, with excellent low speed control
- Intergrated turning sheave
- Intergrated load pin to measure tension

- Surround frame with lifting pad eyes
- Right angle compact level-wind
- Acme screw drive
- PLC controlled spooling
- Continuous weld, steel construction
- Programmable level-wind, Hawboldt ProSpool
- Sheave groove sized to match cable diameter
- Counterbalanced sheave, measures cable length & speed
- Intergrated load pin to measure tail tension

- Planetary drive gearbox with brake
- Hydraulic or Electric motor drive
- Large diameter drum barrel for improved cable life
- Lebus grooved shell, matched to cable diameter
- Surround frame with lifting pad eyes
- Constant tension between storage drum and traction winch

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Traction Winch Diagram