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Deployment and Retrieval of Oceanographic Research Equipment including CTD, Sleds, or Tow fish which require either Electro Mechanical or Fiber Optic cable.

Hawboldt Industries is pleased to design winches which meet the stringent UNOLS safety requirements.

The main purpose of the design is to increase operator and crew safety as well as increase the life of the wire. All components of the winch must be designed to survive the break strength of the tension member. The main features of the winch include: increase sheave diameter, exact tension monitoring and the capability to record all data.

The UNOLS compliant winch is a great option even for non UNOLS vessels.


  • Structural quality aluminum frame construction
  • Steel drum construction
  • 1 x 30 HP naturally ventilated 4-pole motor, IP56
  • Variable Frequency Motor Drive
  • Spring applied, electrically released failsafe brake installed on electric motor
  • Custom Lebus-type grooved shell for 0.322” EOM cable
  • Chain driven diamond screw levelwind
  • Stainless steel guide rods and leadscrew
  • Large diameter nylatron sheave
  • Integral dual axis load pin
  • Fully variable winch speed and direction controls with fine control at low speeds
  • Hollow Stub to allow installation of a variety of different EM of Fiber Optic slip rings


Winch Power Requirements

  • Electrical Power: 30 HP, 460VAC/3PH/60Hz
  • Hydraulic Power: None Required

Winch Data

  • Winch Weight (no cable): 3068 lbs.
  • Cable Weight: 840 lbs.
  • Total Weight (winch + cable): 3908 lbs.

Performance Data

  • Bare drum: 1758 kg @ 1.14 m/s
    3875 lbs @ 224ft/min
  • Full drum: 1295 kg @ 1.54 m/s
    2855 lbs @ 303ft/min

Cable: 1500m of Rochester A304059 EOM cable
* Overpull of 5000 lbs can be achieved at reduced speed