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Hawboldt Propellers and Underwater Gear

Call Hawboldt when you need the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art propeller design backed by 100 years of proven performance.

Hawboldt propellers deliver the reliable performance demanded by today’s modern commercial and recreational vessels. We are equipped to handle all sizes and shapes of propellers:

  • aluminum
  • nickel aluminum bronze
  • manganese bronze

Hawboldt Propellers

mega4-propellerMEGA 4

Designed with today’s high horse powered, high speed work and crew boats in mind. Using high skew propeller design, the MEGA 4 reduces noise and vibration levels to a minimum. Its design is comparable to a 5-blade propeller but allows for greater water flow entry. A larger D.A.R. 80 will absorb more horsepower and reduce cavitation, factors to consider when overcoming restricting aperture problems.


Used for both pleasure and commercial vessels, combining blade area, moderate skew and blade thickness distribution. This design has produced a smooth, quiet propeller that is one of the most popular models today. The propellers are finished to Hawboldt’s standard thickness with anti-singing edge or to customers’ special requests. Diameters available up to 44″ (1 117 mm) in 3, 4 and 5 blade designs.


3 and 4 blade propellers with semi-elliptical, constant pitch, zero rake design is used primarily on work boats requiring low speed push and pull. The extra heavy duty edges and blade thickness gives the STANDARD the strength and durability required for trawlers, draggers and tugs. Sizes are available up to 72″ (1 828 mm) in diameter.

swift-nozzles-propellerSWIFT NOZZLES

Increased performance, decreased fuel cost for increased fuel efficiency and improved bollard pull performance, consider Hawboldt Industries Kaplan style propeller and Swift Nozzle combination.

Propeller Repair Shop


The equipment in the Hawboldt propeller repair shop is designed to measure and repair Monobloc propellers up to 20 feet in diameter and Controllable Pitch propeller blades up to 6,000 lbs. Reconditioning follows ISO 484 procedures from damage evaluation through measuring, pitch check, crack detection and finishing.

Repairs are available with the approval of all classifications societies: ABS, Lloyds, DNV and Coast Guard. For larger propellers, on-site repairs are available on request.

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