The Timberland Group

Anchor And Mooring Deck Equipment

Hawboldt has built an outstanding reputation for manufacturing rugged, reliable deck equipment for fishing boats, all types of workboats, service boats and recreational craft. We design and manufacture deck gear for marine applications such as anchor windlasses and winches, capstans, towing and mooring winches.

Hawboldt can custom design any winch-based systems to meet the needs of shipbuilders for new vessels as well as refurbishing equipment for existing fleets.

To request engineering services and quotation on fishing and trawl winch systems, please send us your operational parameters using our Convenient Winch RFQ form.

Anchor Winches / Windlass

Self contained Double Anchor Windlass

  • LRS, DNV or ABS certification

Anchor Windlass AWHV Series

Hawboldt single-chain hydraulic anchor windlasses for 14mm chain, 16mm chain and 32mm chain

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Mooring Winches

Self contained Electric Mooring Winch

  • LRS, DNV or ABS certification


Hydraulic ‚ includes directional valve shipped loose; bollard rating = linepull rating

  • Series ‘351’, 18″ through deck
  • Series ‘353’, 24″ through deck

Electric ‚ includes NEMA 12 starter panel shipped loose and NEMA 4X control panel shipped loose; e-motor and brake are IP-55 rated; bollard rating = linepull rating

  • Series ‘351’, 18″ through deck
  • Series ‘353’, 24″ through deck
  • Series ‘351’, 18″ all above deck
  • Series ‘353’, 24″ all above deck

Vertical Capstan – CPH-3.0T

25 HP electric drive, 3-tons pull

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Variable Speed, Reversing, Air Powered Capstan – CV-11P

Application: Handling Mooring Lines

14″ Hydraulic Deck Capstan – CV-190-14