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Integrated Full-Vessel Deck Machinery Solutions

Hawboldt engineering and manufacturing combine to provide marine architects and shipbuilders with complete deck gear solutions under one roof. Our engineering team includes mechanical, electrical and hydraulic specialists in marine applications to ensure efficient reliable systems. Our manufacturing plant has evolved through 100 years of service to become a world-leading ISO 9001 facility.

Confidence for today and tomorrow

Full-vessel service from Hawboldt ensures a lifetime of confidence in the dependability and performance of your ship’s working equipment, backed by responsive expert aftersale support.

Here are a few recent vessels equipped end to end with Hawboldt deck gear.


Deck Equipment For Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV)

Hawboldt designed and built an integrated suite of deck gear to support the full range of Coast Guard operations in fisheries and ocean science research.


Launch & Recovery System For Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Hawboldt designed and manufactured a LARS system for International Submarine Engineering Research (ISER) allowing safe deployment and capture of AUV systems in high seas conditions.


RV Arcticus USGS Survey Vessel

The RV ARCTICUS is conducting oceanographic and fisheries research year-round for USGS, using compact deck equipment designed and built to order by Hawboldt.


Deck Equipment for 22m and 25m Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Science Vessels

Deck Equipment for 22m and 25m oceanographic and research Inshore Science Vessels.


Antarctic Oceanographic Deck Equipment

Hawboldt provided a comprehensive suite of oceanographic deck equipment for the research vessel Araon to conduct tests in the areas of geophysics, biology and oceanography in ice-covered polar regions.


Deck Equipment and Commissioning Services for the Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels.

Deck Equipment, Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels