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Customer file exchange

This section of our website is provided to allow customers of the Timberland Group and its member companies to share project files, specifications and drawings via FTP.

You will need a registered username and password to use this service.

Registered users have access to a fully secured, private FTP file exchange folder on the Timberland Group web server. There is no charge for using this service to upload or download files. Contact your customer service representative for assistance with setting up your FTP file area.

To download files:

Click here to open your private folder on our server. Your web browser will request your login name and password, and then display your private file in the FTP folder. Simply click on any file name in the list to download it.

To upload files:

Open your FTP client program to create a new account for using the login name and password you were given. Your FTP program will allow you to copy files directly to or from your private folder on our server.

If you do not have an FTP client program installed on your computer, we recommend:

  • For users of Internet Explorer 8: look under the “Page” menu in your browser and select “Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.”
  • For users of Firefox: install the FireFTP plugin available here.
  • For users of Safari, browse to and log in through your Finder window
  • For a stand-alone FTP application, install the free Filezilla client available here for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Contact your customer service representative here.