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Use this convenient Cranes Questionnaire as a simple checklist to initiate the design and quotation process at Hawboldt.

Complete and submit this email form, or print this page to fax your request to us at 1.902.275.5014.

Your information will assist us in providing an accurate proposal in the shortest time possible. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any items in detail, please contact us to have a Hawboldt representative provide the answers you need.

Request for quotation:

    Please enter all parameters required for your application. If there is no specific requirement in your application for a requested specification, or to specify our standard for any parameter, please enter N/R.

    1. Description of application: (include duty cycle – i.e. hours per day operating)

    2. Usage of crane:

    Offshore – dynamic use: need sea state, windspeed, etc.

    Shipboard – semi-static use: in port only.

    Shore based – static use: not subject to movement.

    3. Configuration of crane:

    Fixed boom, Telescopic, Knuckle, Knuckle-Extension.

    4. Dimensions of crane:

    Advise units of measure

    a. Maximum lifting radius


    b. Minimum lifting radius


    c. Pedestal Height


    5. Capacities of crane:

    Advise units of measure

    a. Required critical lift:

    kglb @


    b. Lift at maximum radius:


    c. Maximum lift (if different from 5 a.):

    kglb @


    d. Winch hoisting capacity:


    6. Speed of functions:

    Advise units of measure

    a. Winch hoisting speed


    b. Rotational speed

    c. Additional speed requirements

    7. Regulatory Requirements, if any for construction:

    Example:USCG, ABS, DNV, API 2C, Lloyds, other

    8. Operating Temperature Range:

    Advise units of measure

    Max °F°C

    Min °F°C

    9. Operating Zone

    HazardousNon Hazardous

    If Hazardous advise:


    What Level?

    10. Options for crane:

    a. Hydraulic supply for crane

    1. Existing hydraulic system, please state supply

    gpm psi

    2. Electric motor driven, in/on crane pedestal -

    volts hz

    3. Electric driven, remote mounted -

    volts hz

    4. Engine driven, remote mounted -

    b. Crane Control Station:

    1. Supplied as loose component, to be mounted by customer

    2. Mounted to crane pedestal

    3. Mounted in control console

    4. Walk-around station that moves with crane, operator standing

    5. Ride-around platform attached to crane turret, operator sitting

    6. Full ride-around platform with operator cab

    c. Crane Rotation Capability:

    1. Non-continuous rotation (limited by hose length) Manual hard slewing stop

    2. Continuous rotation (unlimited 360°+ rotation)

    d. Pedestal Mounting Type:

    1. Weld-down, w/gusset if required

    2. Bolt-down plate, bolt pattern as required

    e. Remote Controls:

    1. Hydraulic piloted remotes, multiple station

    2. Wireless remotes, w/belt harness, marine grade, 600’ range

    f. Anti Two-Block Device

    g. Load Indicator System, w/digital readout

    h. Boom Lighting

    11. Special requirements, if any:

    12. Delivery date required:

    13. Cranes are normally quoted EX WORKS Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you would like Hawboldt Industries Ltd. to arrange shipment, please provide alternate FOB point

    14. Other options are available as we are a full custom marine crane manufacturer. If you don’t see what you need on this questionnaire, please contact us.