The Timberland Group

Factory Acceptance Testing And Spooling Services

All of Hawboldt’s manufactured equipment is factory tested to all contractual design and performance specifications. Following customer approval of the factory acceptance plan, Hawboldt’s quality, production and engineering staff verify each aspect of the test procedure and ensures that it meets or exceeds the equipment’s design specifications. Hawboldt offers customers the opportunity to witness the Factory Acceptance Testing. Hawboldt also offers DVD copies, on request, if customers cannot observe the process in person.

Rope and Cable Spooling

Hawboldt offers spooling services for wire rope, umbilical and other cable for all winch and handling systems we manufacture. Proper spooling of the winch drum is critical to the successful operation of the winching system. Spooling is completed in-house at our Chester, NS facility and can include lubrication services during spooling as well. Hawboldt ensures proper spooling using the appropriate back tension required. Our equipment offers a variety of spooling tensions up to 20 metric tonnes.

Load Testing

Hawboldt also performs load testing on all new equipment. We invite third-party certification agencies such as DNV, Lloyds, ABS or other client-specific representatives to review and approve our engineering and test phases. All third-party certification records and supporting documentation is sent to the customer and archived at our facility.